5 Ways Digital OOH Networks Can Land New Clients

Digital out-of-home advertising is a big industry, and it’s growing fast – according to PWC, global total OOH advertising revenue was US$36.32bn in 2014, and is projected to grow to US$45.37bn by 2019. Digital out of home accounts for most of the spending growth, and ad networks across the world are vying to get their share. But in an increasingly competitive marketplace, how can your OOH network gain a competitive advantage and land new clients?

The answer is in the data. According to AdWeek, data-driven marketing “has evolved to become an integral component of almost all advertising campaigns and strategy”. Marketers are increasingly accountable for their ad spend, and they’re moving towards channels that use data to prove how they can drive growth. Also, when you collect real-time data, you can act on it in real time too. As a 2015 Teradata study notes, “Real-time relevance is moving to become table stakes, and the quickest to move will win.”

However, it has traditionally been hard to collect reliable data on the effectiveness of outdoor advertising. New digital signage analytics platforms like LINKETT are working to change this: our mission is to empower out-of-home networks with the data and capabilities they need to run great campaigns, determine their ROI, and bring in new clients. For data-driven ad networks using powerful tools like LINKETT, they have had a lot of success bringing in new business. Here are five selling points they’re using to do so:

  1. “We can provide a clear ROI”

In 2015, advertisers spent $11 billion on digital billboard advertising. Yet so many of them struggle to determine exactly what the ROI is on this ad spend, and a lack of data limits OOH networks ability to compete with other channels and bring in new clients. Digital signage analytics platforms solve this problem by providing detailed data on impressions, engagements, conversions, and more. The out-of-home networks that are collecting and using this data can prove how they drive results, helping keep them a step ahead of their competition.

  1. “We can drive conversion, not just awareness”

Outdoor advertising has historically been seen as an awareness driver, but the rise of digital signage and robust analytics has enabled out-of-home to become much more strategic and conversion driven. When integrated with the right analytics provider, DOOH can help brands measure performance and convert on their KPI’s. Analytics can demonstrate how DOOH can move the needle for brands, and in an increasingly data-driven marketing world, this is not something to be underestimated.

  1. “We can measure the customer journey from start to finish”

Advertisers are increasingly tracking their customer’s decision journey from start to finish. Platforms like Google and Facebook make this easy – for example, Google Analytics enables marketers to see what attracts people to their website, what areas of their site they spend time reading, and what call-to-actions are most effective. Digital signage analytics platforms provide much of the same customer journey tracking capabilities, enabling brands to integrate their online and offline advertising efforts to gain complete picture of their customer journey.

  1. “We can A/B test content and make changes in real-time”

A/B testing has become a crucial part of the modern marketer’s toolkit, but it has largely been used in digital marketing thus far – very few out-of-home networks are capable of A/B testing different content, and many don’t offer this solution to advertisers and media buyers. However,  with the right digital signage analytics platform, A/B testing is indeed possible, and it provides the data OOH networks need to help clients make informed decisions about what content is most effective at driving conversions – just like online.

  1. “We can provide simple, understandable, and customizable reports”

Digital signage analytics provides advertisers with a wealth of numbers on impressions, dwell time, frequency, and conversions. But advertisers demand simple, actionable data, and it’s vital that out-of-home networks distill their data into reports that are easily understood and personalized to their clients. Delivering one-page ROI reports via email is easy for data-driven OOH networks, and it’s a key selling point to potential clients.

For out-of-home networks that are looking to become more data-driven, these five selling points are just the beginning. With the right analytics platform, the possibilities are endless – to learn more about what we offer at LINKETT, click here. Thanks for reading!

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