Why You’ll Bring In New Ad Spend to Your DOOH Network

1. Place DOOH sensor behind screen to sense nearby mobile phones for Impressions, Dwell Times, Conversions, Web/App Traffic & more.

2. Use this data to determine the best ad combination, to play the best performing creative, at the best performing locations, at the best performing time slots to yield the best results per dollar spent.

3. Remove low-performing ad combinations

4. Replace with high-performing ad combinations

5. Because media buyers & brands use the high-performing ad combinations to get more conversions, they’ll spend more in your DOOH Network.

An Example From Linkett’s Ad Spend: Why We Increased Spending in Google Adwords and LinkedIn Advertising

When we first started spending money in advertising Linkett to reach you, our ads weren’t well targeted or optimized. As we tested ad combinations, we increased our ad spend from July to this month by 1361% in Google Adwords and LinkedIn Advertising because we now get more conversions.

Let’s help you get new ad spend, by making ad combination testing possible in your DOOH Network: Try DOOH Sensor.