How DOOH Analytics Can Unlock Programmatic Ad Spend

There’s a lot of buzz about programmatic in the world of out-of-home advertising – will it revolutionize out-of-home advertising, just like it did online? We think it can: programmatic has the potential to help DOOH advertisers, media buyers, and networks deliver more effective messaging, simplify ad sales, and optimize their campaigns in real-time.

Quite simply, programmatic may enable DOOH networks to capture massive ad spend, from budgets specified for programmatic.

For ad networks that are looking to bring in more advertisers, an increasing percentage of ad budgets are being dedicated towards programmatic buying. As programmatic continues to grow, it’s vital for DOOH networks to do everything they can to get their share of programmatic budgets, and one of the biggest barriers so far is a lack of audience data. Put simply, ad networks can’t take part in programmatic if they don’t capture robust, relevant data. MediaPost has noted that a lack of standard audience data is one of the biggest barriers to wider programmatic adoption, and John Davidson, CCO of Kinetic Worldwide, notes that not just any data is a good fit for programmatic: “The holy grail is the mobile footprint we all leave when we walk around with our handset that we look at a hundred times per day. That would be the true data … That’s the only kind of future return path I can think of that would do what online display does.”

That’s why we think that any DOOH ad network interested in programmatic should first integrate with a DOOH analytics platform like LINKETT, because they provide the real time data that make programmatic possible and effective. With real-time audience data on impressions, engagements, dwell times, and conversions, analytics platforms remove the data barrier to programmatic adoption, bringing us one step closer to a seamless, efficient process to buy and sell ads. If you’re an out-of-home ad network getting ready for programmatic, collecting the right data is a great place to get started.To see more about collecting the data to enable programmatic ad spend, please visit here: Capture Programmatic Ad Spend.

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