DOOH Advertising: 4 Ratings to Measure In Your Next Campaign


Analytics enables DOOH advertising networks – and the clients they serve – to track the customer journey from start to finish and see exactly how out-of-home advertising converts impressions into customers. Here at LINKETT, our focus is on providing the data and capabilities necessary to measure the effectiveness of DOOH ads, and we use four main ratings to do so: performance ratings, retention ratings, engagement ratings, and conversion ratings. In this post, we’ll dive into the details on these four ratings, provide clear examples, and explain why they’re important.


Performance rating

Performance Rating

Effective DOOH advertising campaigns have a clearly defined, relevant, and measurable call to action to achieve their goals. DOOH advertisers may want, for example, to get consumers to tweet a specific hashtag, fill out a survey, or download a mobile app. Want to know how effective your DOOH campaign is at accomplishing your goal? Look to the performance rating, which is calculated by taking the percentage of impressions that eventually lead to conversions.

The performance rating is simple and robust – it helps you understand the overall performance of your content at different locations and time slots, so you can get a clear look at how your campaign helped accomplish your end goal: conversions. A strong performance rating to aim for is approximately 1%, meaning that if 100 people see your content, then 1 of them will successfully convert.


Retention rating

Retention Rating

DOOH analytics also enables you to measure how long people spend looking at your content. This, as you already know, is called “dwell time” – it serves as the basis for the retention rating, which is the percentage of impressions that eventually lead to dwell time.

Many brands run DOOH campaigns that aren’t focused on a specific conversion goal, but rather just seek to get consumer attention and capture their interest. For these campaigns, the retention rating is a key way to measure performance. This rating is commonly used to A/B test different pieces of content to see what’s most effective at attracting and holding consumers’ attention the longest – you can place different pieces of content at similar locations and times, see what has the highest retention rating, and commit more of your ad spend to the highest performing content. A strong retention rating  would be 50%, meaning that if 1000 people see your content, then 500 of them will stop for at least two seconds to look at it.


Engagement Rating

Engagement Rating

An “engagement” is when someone sees your content and starts to follow through on your call-to-action. For example, perhaps you’re running a DOOH advertising campaign to increase downloads of your mobile app – an engagement would be when someone sees your digital signage and visits your landing page, while a conversion would be when they eventually download your app.

We measure consumer engagement through the engagement rating, which is the percentage of dwell times that turn into engagements. This rating is a great way to test how effective different call-to-actions are, in order to determine what content best captures consumer interest. A strong engagement rating is approximately 5% – for example, if you have 50 dwell times, you should aim for an average of 3 people responding or taking action on your content.


Conversion Rating

Conversion Rating

The fourth rating we measure is the conversion rating, which is the percentage of engagements that turn into successful conversions on your call-to-action. Let’s continue with our mobile app example: 10 people see a DOOH advertisement for an app – they’re interested, and they decide to visit the apps landing page (an engagement). Out of these 10 people, only 4 of them download the app, which results in a 40% conversion rate.

DOOH advertising analytics, combined with your web analytics tools (like Google Analytics), can provide detailed, actionable information on how people navigate your website that you can use to improve your conversion rate. Perhaps your landing page is not mobile-optimized, the download button is hard to find, or the payment process is too slow or confusing. By measuring your conversion rate, you can work on testing and improving the user experience of your landing page and see how that impacts your conversion rate.

These four ratings – performance, retention, engagement, and conversion – are central to how we measure DOOH advertising at LINKETT. They enable advertising networks, and the clients they serve, to track the DOOH customer journey from start to finish and provide a clear, measurable return on investment.

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