5 Conversions That DOOH Analytics Can Track

DOOH analytics tools enable out-of-home advertisers to create clear, measurable goals for a campaign and track the conversion rate just like they would online. But what conversions, specifically, does digital signage analytics enable you to track? Advertisers have their own unique goals, and each campaign you run is different. Your analytics provider needs to account for the different marketing objectives for each campaign you run – so, with that in mind, this blog post will run through some of the conversions you can track and optimize with LINKETT.

App downloads

Let’s say you’re an DOOH advertising network, and a venture-backed startup with a big budget (e.g. car riding apps) expresses interest in running a campaign with you to encourage passerbies to download their app. These marketers are data-driven – they want to know how their DOOH campaign will drive growth, and you need to prove it to win their business. Digital signage analytics enables you to track impressions, visits to your clients landing page, and eventual downloads of their app on both iOS and Android. Analytics will provide a conversion rate on this, so campaign content can be continually A/B tested and optimized – just like online.

Website visits

Analytics enables you to track how many people visit your website compared to the total number of people who saw your ad. This is another important KPI for marketers – for example, perhaps a potential client has just rebranded their company and designed a brand new website, and want to re-introduce themselves to the world with a multi-channel ad campaign. Their primary goal with this campaign isn’t driving immediate sales, it’s to get people interested in their brand and encourage them to learn more. Website visits are a great metric for this, and DOOH analytics enables you to track it.

Tweeting hashtags

Social media enables brands to start conversations that matter, and hashtags are a crucial part of any modern marketers’ toolkit: they provide a unique channel for conversations to occur, and it’s a channel that the brand can own. Many brands use hashtags to start a conversation around a particular subject or idea, and DOOH advertising is an important promotion tool. That’s why digital signage analytics providers like LINKETT enable brands to track how many people have tweeted their hashtag, depending on the creative, location, time, and a number of other factors. This helps advertisers understand just how effective certain content is at driving conversation and increasing social media engagement. This is a powerful opportunity for advertising networks who are are seeking to play a bigger role in omni-channel campaigns.

Fill out survey

A number of brands run campaigns that seek to get feedback on their performance via a survey. Say, for example, you’re a multi-location gas station with digital signage that encourages customers to take your survey and be entered for a chance to win a prize. You’re trying to get more people to enter, but you’re not sure what content is most effective at getting people interested and to actually fill out the survey. With digital signage analytics, you can track a conversion rate on survey visits and completions, and combined with tools like Google Analytics, you can see where people drop off or get confused. This end-to-end analytics ensures you can optimize and improve each part of the experience, ultimately to get more successful survey completions.

Access to Wi-Fi

Many brands offer free Wi-Fi to consumers, and send marketing messages to those who sign up for it. This is a proven, effective way to build email lists, better understand customers, and deliver targeted content to them. DOOH analytics makes it easy to track how many customers redeem your Wi-Fi offer and opt-in to emails, and this is an important conversion goal for many marketers looking to build their reach.

But that’s not all: LINKETT can also measure conversions for texts, QR codes, visiting a different location, and much more. With the amount of API’s that platforms like LINKETT can connect to, the possibilities are endless. Get started by test piloting a sensor here: Test Pilot Sensor.