5 Common Questions About Linkett & Digital Out of Home Analytics

Here at LINKETT, we speak to a lot of digital out-of-home advertising networks, media planners, and brands that are interested in what we do. We get a lot of questions, so we decided to make a list of the top 5 most common questions about LINKETT and digital signage analytics. Who better to answer them than our Co-Founder and CEO, Douglas Lusted? If you have any questions of your own, feel free to leave a comment or send Douglas an email directly at douglas@linkett.com. Enjoy!

How can DOOH networks use LINKETT data?

“DOOH networks use our data to provide simple reports to clients that focus on the unique KPI’s of each campaign they run. In addition to reporting, DOOH networks are using our data to optimize their campaigns. This means they use our data to play the best content, at the best locations, at the best time to drive performance, which so far has resulted in an average increase of 475% in conversions.

Recently, we have had DOOH networks use our data to enable “per impression” or “per conversion” payment, rather than the old school way of static rate card billing which is extremely exciting. It is just a matter of time until real-time bidding on impressions or conversions becomes a reality for the DOOH market.”

What data do you actually collect?

“The most common pieces of data we collect to distinguish real-time reporting are: impressions, dwell times, frequencies, and conversions. Impressions count how many people saw the content, dwell time measures how long they looked at it, frequencies measures how many times we have seen each consumer before, and conversion measures how many people successfully completed the displays call-to-action.

These are the four main pieces of data that we collect, but we also use these numbers to deliver more targeted ads based on audience history, behavior, and more. Ultimately, we’re focused on tracking each step of the the DOOH customer journey from start to finish, so we can establish advertising ROI with transparency.”

How do you collect this data?

“One way that is getting the most traction right now is attaching Wi-Fi sensors to digital signage displays in locations like airports, malls, offices, gas stations and more. This small, powerful sensor passively collects data from people’s smartphones when they’re near a DOOH ad, and it then sends this data to our cloud-hosted dashboard. Included in that data the sensors collect is a unique ID from each smartphone that passes by, which makes it easy to recognize returning traffic. This is completely anonymous with no personal information being stored, and by default this doesn’t require cameras, which keeps costs low.”

How does this help DOOH networks make money?

There are two main ways that an effective analytics platform can help DOOH networks make more money. As Douglas explains, “first, analytics platforms are still a rarity in outdoor advertising as the industry tries to catch up with online, so real-time analytics is a value added premium service.” Typically, Douglas said, DOOH networks can charge premium fees by providing analytics, which usually range between 10%-20% of the total campaign budget.

“The second way analytics helps DOOH networks make money,” Douglas said, “is that it provides them a competitive advantage over other networks, which increases their chances of winning campaigns. Some networks don’t charge fees for analytics at all – instead, they just use it to differentiate themselves from competitors and drive more volume. Based on what we’ve seen with our own customers, both of these approaches are proven and effective strategies for turning analytics into a revenue-generator.”

Does LINKETT integrate directly with any digital signage CMS? If so, which ones?

“Yes, absolutely. We have an open API that can pull or push our data directly to a CMS. We’re integrated with a number of the industry leading content management systems for digital signage like BroadSign, MagicInfo, and a variety of others. By directly integrating with these platforms, we can understand what ad plays when and where, so we can directly associate performance data to every piece of content the screen plays in real-time. Ultimately, this enables A/B testing and other optimization techniques.”

More questions? No problem. Just send Douglas a note at douglas@linkett.com.

If you’d rather talk on the phone, feel free to give us a call at 1-844-546-5388 – we’re happy to chat. Thanks for reading!