Plug In Sensor Behind Screen

to Sense Nearby Mobile Phones.

Use This Data to 

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Campaign Analytics

Use Wifi Sensors to Give Data-Driven Advertisers The Data They Want

Win Over Data-Driven Advertisers With Big Budgets

Data That Would Otherwise Be Lost

Discover how Linkett helped increase foot traffic to conversion by

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Easy Data Collection.

Simply plug & play the LINKETT sensor to start sensing mobile devices (no app required).

Data-Driven Advertisers Demand Data & Analytics...They Won't Spend Without It.

Be Faster Than Your Competitors In Bringing In These New Accounts.

The LINKETT Sensor

Win Over Data-Driven Advertisers With Big Budgets.

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linkett customer
linkett customer
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Linkett customer

"LINKETT's platform is intuitive and easy to use. We can now monitor and improve our retail digital signage network's reach and effectiveness. We are happy to partner with Douglas and the LINKETT team." -Mark Heckman, Chief Marketing Officer, Trius Retail

"Through this partnership, we look forward to further enhancing the DOOH space with displays powered by BroadSign and analytics by LINKETT." -Stephanie Gutnik, Director of Marketing and Business Development, BroadSign International

Real-time metrics for Digital Out Of Home media is now possible thanks to LINKETT. This is some of the most sophisticated technology in the industry & we are excited to partner with the team! -Jamie Thompson, President, Adapt Media

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