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Linkett Provides Live Audience Data For Your Digital Out of Home Network.

WiFi Sensor

LINKETT's proprietary sensor passively gathers important audience data for digital out of home.
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Performance Dashboard

Access real-time campaign analytics to measure and improve performance.


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Advertisers Demand ROI

Give them quantified answers with speed and simplicity.

Measure Impressions To Calculate Media Exposure & Reach

Simply plug & play the LINKETT sensor to start passively recognizing smartphones and accurately measure your audience exposure.

Measure Dwell Times To Calculate CPM Rates And A/B Test Media.

Understand the actual length of time that a visitor is exposed to your media, as well as their mobile behaviours such as websites visited and mobile apps used.

CPM Rates

CPM rates are often determined by how long a captive audience is exposed to your content. Now you can show the data to prove it using LINKETT dwell time analytics!

A/B Testing

Compare campaign dwell times so you can understand what campaigns have the highest retention rate. You can rest assured knowing you're playing the perfect ad, at the perfect place, at the perfect time, in front of the perfect audience.

Measure Impression Frequency Rates To Calculate GRP And Perform Targeted Messaging.

Determine impression frequency and understand the number of times traffic has been exposed to the same message. Using LINKETT’s open API, you can trigger specific messages from your content inventory based on the number of times a consumer has already seen your message!

Measure Call To Action Conversions And Improve Digital Signage Performance

For content that has a specific call to action, measure how many consumers actually do it whether it is visiting a website, tweeting a hashtag, downloading an app, or connecting to WiFi for an offer.

Track The Consumers Journey

Now that you have impression to conversion metrics, you can track the consumer’s journey from top of funnel to bottom. Just like online.

Sort Conversions

Seamlessly sort through conversions, and see how impressions, dwell times, days/time, ad content & more influence these conversions.

Generate 1 Page ROI Reports Delivered Straight To Your Clients’ Inbox.

Advertisers demand ROI reporting; give it to them with speed and simplicity. Set-up automatic reporting by sending clients daily, weekly or monthly summarized reports directly to their email.

Flexible & Custom Reports

We understand you may have multiple campaigns and clients. That’s why you can sort the data anyway you want so you can share it with anyone. You can even export the data into an excel file and plug it into your other favourite platforms!

Increased Performance by 700%

Learn how LINKETT's real-time audience measurement increased this DOOH campaign's impression to conversion ratio by over 700%

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Discover Why Companies Love LINKETT.

Real-time metrics for Digital Out Of Home media is now possible thanks to LINKETT. This is some of the most sophisticated technology in the industry & we are excited to partner with the team!

Jamie Thompson

Jamie ThompsonPresident, Adapt Media

Through this partnership, we look forward to further enhancing the DOOH space with displays powered by BroadSign and analytics by LINKETT.

Stephanie Gutnik

Stephanie GutnikDirector of Marketing and Business Development, Broadsign International

We use digital signage to promote our restaurants loyalty program. Using the LINKETT platform we have increased our conversions 25% month over month, for 7 months, and still rapidly growing! Highly recommended platform, thanks LINKETT!

Matthew Di Meo

Matthew Di MeoDirector of Marketing, Dynamic

LINKETT's platform is intuitive and easy to use. We can now monitor and improve our retail digital signage network's reach and effectiveness. We are happy to partner with Douglas and the LINKETT team.

Mark Heckman

Mark HeckmanChief Marketing Officer, Trius Retail

Meet the Team

We are a data driven team of technologists.

Douglas Lusted

Chief Executive Officer Forbes 30 under 30, Velocity Venture Fund Winner, University of Waterloo 2013 Innovation Competition Winner. Beer Connoisseur

Vlad Pisanov

Chief Technology Officer. M.Sc. Computer Science University of Waterloo, Hon. B.Sc. Physics University of Toronto. KPop all day.

Ashok Patel

Chief Operations Officer Computer scientist, serial entrepreneur, hardware lead. Active baseball player.

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