How DOOH Analytics Can Unlock Programmatic Ad Spend

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There’s a lot of buzz about programmatic in the world of out-of-home advertising – will it revolutionize out-of-home advertising, just like it did online? We think it can: programmatic has the potential to help DOOH advertisers, media buyers, and networks deliver more effective messaging, simplify ad sales, and optimize their campaigns in real-time. Quite simply, programmatic may enable DOOH networks to …

Make Your DOOH Network $140k More Effective

Douglas Lusted DOOH

Find out exactly how to make your Digital Out of Home Network $140k more effective, in this 2-page PDF: See The Data Here. If you have any questions, please reach out to me at, or to our Partnerships Manager  

Why You’ll Bring In New Ad Spend to Your DOOH Network

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1. Place DOOH sensor behind screen to sense nearby mobile phones for Impressions, Dwell Times, Conversions, Web/App Traffic & more. 2. Use this data to determine the best ad combination, to play the best performing creative, at the best performing locations, at the best performing time slots to yield the best results per dollar spent. 3. Remove low-performing ad combinations 4. Replace …

5 Conversions That DOOH Analytics Can Track

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DOOH analytics tools enable out-of-home advertisers to create clear, measurable goals for a campaign and track the conversion rate just like they would online. But what conversions, specifically, does digital signage analytics enable you to track? Advertisers have their own unique goals, and each campaign you run is different. Your analytics provider needs to account for the different marketing objectives …

How to Optimize DOOH Ads in Real-Time

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In any out-of-home advertising campaign, you want to play the perfect ad, at the perfect time, at the perfect place – but too often, advertisers don’t know what the highest performing combinations are until after their campaign is over. In online advertising, campaigns are constantly adjusted and optimized to ensure maximum performance, and it should be the same for DOOH. …

Complete Guide to DOOH Analytics E-Book

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Online advertising measures, improves, and reports performance in real-time, and now digital out-of-home can too: Complete Guide to DOOH Analytics: How to use analytics to boost profits and win more campaigns. Modern technology enables you to measure DOOH performance to make dramatic improvements. Analytics transformed online advertising, and it’s about to do the same with DOOH. If you’re curious about DOOH …

Digital Signage Network: How to Provide Targeted Advertising

Douglas Lusted Digital Signage, How to use LINKETT

LINKETT enables your digital signage network to collect real-time data to generate performance analytics. This is because it gives you (and your clients) a better understanding of how consumers respond to advertising content, so you can measure, improve, and report your campaign’s performance. But it doesn’t stop there. If real-time analytics are integrated with a digital sign’s CMS, it can …

Linkett Write-Up In Entrevestor, a Leading Canadian Investment Magazine

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Entrevestor, one of Canada’s leading investment magazines, discusses Linkett’s fast growth over the past 3 months in the digital out of home space.  By using analytics, A/B tests & optimization, Linkett has been able to power its own growth and has achieved an average 475% increase in conversions for its partners in the digital out of home space. See the article …

5 Ways Digital OOH Networks Can Land New Clients

Douglas Lusted How to use LINKETT

Digital out-of-home advertising is a big industry, and it’s growing fast – according to PWC, global total OOH advertising revenue was US$36.32bn in 2014, and is projected to grow to US$45.37bn by 2019. Digital out of home accounts for most of the spending growth, and ad networks across the world are vying to get their share. But in an increasingly …