Digital Signage Analytics

Collect real-time, actionable insights from our cloud-based platform.


Real-time Performance Reports

Prove digital signage performance with the following reports:

Traffic Reports

Impressions & Dwell Times

Digital signage analytics traffic report

Mobile Reports

Web & App Activity

Digital Signage Analytics Mobile Report

Campaign Reports

Engagement & Conversion Metrics

Digital Signage Analytics Campaign Report


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The LINKETT wifi sensor collects data and shares it with our cloud platform. The data is then displayed with a series of charts and graphs, accessible from any mobile browser.

Our Results

Our proven digital signage analytics platform delivers results. Here are some examples of what we can do.

Win more campaigns.

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A digital signage analytics platform is a package of technologies which enables advertisers, media buyers and media network owners to better understand the performance of a particular digital sign. Becoming very popular with digital out-of-home (DOOH) media networks, these platforms are being used to help A/B test creative, collect audience measurement data and to generally provide greater depth to campaign performance reporting.

3 Benefits of Digital Signage Analytics Platforms

1. Audience Measurement

A major benefit of digital signage analytics is the ability to collect previously unavailable audience data. For instance, using these platforms will allow you to measure audience demographics in real-time, as well as which content was most appealing to them.

2. Media Measurement

Use analytics to validate your digital signage investment. The right analytics package will help you identify which locations, signage types and campaigns are most effectively engaging your consumers.

3. Improved Campaign Performance

Arguably the biggest benefit of digital signage analytics. Again, the right platform will help you not only measure DOOH campaign performance in real-time, but also to manage it.