Intelligent Marketing Technology for the Real World

LINKETT is a marketing system that engages in store customers through intelligent screen technology.

How it Works


Track traffic flow and understand the number of new versus returning customers who enter your venue.


Pull consumers to your promotional content through patented motion and mobile sensing screen technology


Reward customers during point of purchase through smartphone and loyalty card interactions


Monitor visitor behaviour and measure content performance in real-time with speed and simplicity using the online dashboard.

Linking the Physical & Digital Worlds

Linking the Physical
& Digital Worlds

Collect and transform behavioural data into actionable insights and metrics you can leverage with no app required. Monitor where consumers traveled in your venue and on their smartphone.

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Turnkey Solutions

LINKETT provides a suite of products and services to make sure you can achieve your return on objectives from conceptualization to post-deployment.

Marketing Agencies

As innovators and marketers, we know what it means to stand out from the crowd and succeed at winning new business. LINKETT delivers on your promise to clients.

  • Track Brand Engagement
  • Increase Promotional Efficiency
  • Develop Loyalty Programs

Brick & Mortar Retail

Collect data & analytics using LINKETT’s custom sized terminals at POS, in Aisle, on the floor, or elsewhere.

  • Boost Product Sales
  • Create Loyal Customers
  • Optimize Traffic Flow

Out-of-Home Media

With LINKETT™ sell more than just impressions; leverage consumer smartphones to monetize the value of recognitions, engagements and interactions.

  • Generate More Impressions
  • Increase Retention Rates
  • Create a New Revenue Stream

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Case Study

We are proud to showcase the power of our technology and just some of the achievements we have been able to attain with our partners.

Oxford Properties

The “Savour the Rewards” campaign was a promotion used by Oxford properties to engage retail shoppers and increase food court sales. In order to receive a Savour the rewards loyalty card, the consumer must have bought a food court meal for more than $5 for their chance to win prizes. Designed as a series of kiosks, each screens attached to a Linkett system spread across three separate locations.

  • 82,000 pedestrians were tracked within 100 feet from the kiosks
  • 21% of pedestrians came within 5 feet for a closer look
  • 53% of pedestrians within 5 feet stopped for a dwell time
  • 68% of dwellers bought a food court item over $5 and returned to tap their card
  • Linkett generated an avg. of $12,215 additional retail revenue per week
  • Read the Case Study in Market Trendz Magazine
Milk Bone

LINKETT partnered with Cognizant Marketing and Milk Bone Canada to engage consumers during their Canadian experiential marketing events. LINKETT technology used to drive consumers to Milk Bone booths during tradeshows and offer a reward system for consumers to win prizes.

  • Increase booth traffic
  • Develop an interactive experience
  • Monitor consumer engagements
  • Collect prospects' information
  • Test creative content on the fly

University of Waterloo

A Linkett system was set up inside the Retail store so that it could be viewed from outside and was displayed in an engaging way to attract passerby to interact with the Linkett. Passersby are encouraged to participate in a survey for a chance to win an HP Slate. University of Waterloo Retail services promoted these promotions through their Facebook and twitter profiles which drove people the store to interact with Linkett. You can check out what Retail Touch Points said about this here:

  • Increased conversion rate by converting more passersby into interested customers
  • Increased conversion rate by converting more passersby into interested customers with new promotions that come out vs. on weekends
  • Despite both NFC and QR codes being available at the same time, NFC was a far more effective method for connecting with customers
  • Have the ability to see and compare each ad, so that you can A/B test on the fly and only have the most effective ads running.

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